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Cryptography and the Analytics Interventions: few Perspectives

The long-standing desire for two parties to transact online directly—without a third-party intermediary— has accelerated the popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Blackcoin, Dogecoin etc. The online equivalent of hand-to-hand cash transactions, the cryptocurrency phenomenon, which is driven primarily by its to-date most popular option, Bitcoin, has struck a chord with growing legions of speculators, […]

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Talking Machines, Streaming Data: The World of IoT Analytics

Digital Business, which primarily brings an unprecedented convergence of people, business and things, is upon us at present. Application of Analytics, accordingly brings us Descriptive & Diagnostic Analytics currently entering mainstream with most of the companies taking the plunge towards Data Discovery, Mining, Business Intelligence and Data Visualization & Reporting as the first step towards […]

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Role of Analytics in Education

Technologies in the form of cloud computing, mobility, social networking and information management are prompting the industry of education to move beyond practices of management, administration and instruction that dominate the traditional brick-and-mortar paradigm. Students, CIOs, other education leaders and those who market solutions to education now live in a world of choice that is exemplified […]

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