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Reimagine BPM function with AI

Customer service has always been a priority element to any organization’s success, but with the recent advancements in technology, the advent of social media, and the digital detonation where customers are spoilt by choices; keeping customers happy and rendering consistent experience across all possible touch points is more important than ever before. Your customers expect […]

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Enter the age of Algorithm Economy

Algorithms will not only drive scores of business processes, but also build other self-intuitive algorithms, much as robots can build other robots. And rather than using apps, future users’ lives will revolve personalized algorithms to drive individual choices and behaviors. Enterprises will license, trade, sell and even give away non-lynch pin algorithms and single-function software […]

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AI@scale: How to go about it

AI is invoking shifts in the business value chains of enterprises. And it is redefining what it takes for enterprises to achieve competitive advantage. Yet, even as several enterprises have begun applying AI engagements with impressive results, few have developed full-scale AI capabilities that are systemic and enterprise wide. The power of AI is changing […]

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Future of Work redefined by AI

The age of Artificial Intelligence is upon us. Businesses and society are now looking towards AI for transformative outcomes. Businesses specifically are investing huge amounts of money on AI technology that will not only bring in efficiencies across multiple processes, but also unlock new revenue streams that will deliver quantum bottom-line impact. With the AI […]

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