AI & Analytics Student of the Year

For the upcoming students, enthusiasts with noteworthy AI & Analytics work

The award celebrates innovative & impact driven AI and Analytics research, project executed by student/ student cohort from academic institutions in India. If you are a student, graduate/ postgraduate (previous 12-months’ time window) or student cohort (max 5) that have solved an innovative, complex or unresolved  problem statement leveraging AI/Analytics or executed a seminal project in AI & Analytics area that can positively impact enterprise, this Award is meant for you !

The award is open to both individual student and student cohort (maximum:  5 students). Students may apply for the award themselves or can be referred by academic institution/pertinent faculty/mentor to be eligible for the award.

Important Dates


Nominations opening


Last date for Nomination submission

15 July - 27 July2021

Jury evaluation of Nominations


Announcement of Winners

Eligibility Criteria

Nominations will be scored and ranked amongst the received nominations for the award selection

Problem / Research Statement

Describe the research or project statement, demonstrating your understanding of the business problem or the project in detail.

Path to Solution

Describe the solution roadmap that you designed for the identified research or project, showcasing the AI & analytics tools, techniques and frameworks that you applied for quantitative analysis & generating insights.


Describe the business or social impact of your solution to the research or project problem. Articulate why your research or project has been significant from impact perspective.

Visualization & Storytelling

Demonstrate how you used visualization tools and storytelling techniques to handle complex data sets to reveal hidden insights.

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    General Terms & Conditions

    • Entrants must be Indian citizens and content submitted should be original
    • 3AI reserves the right to alter the rules and terms & conditions at any time
    • 3AI may add or remove categories based on feedback from the 3AI jury
    • Entries received after the Closing dates will not be accepted
    • The initial adjudication of entries to determine the finalists for each award will be based on information provided on the submitted nomination form.
    • Submit your entry in the prescribed format mentioned on the 3AI website
    • Additional documentation will be accepted to support each entry.
    • If the abstract or work done involves more than one nominee, please specify the additional nominees but no more than 3 individuals can be part of 1 paper submission
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