Site of Care Shift Analysis

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Leading specialty bio-pharma company

Problem Statement

  • Company wanted to analyze the location of treatment of patients for one of its Immunology products. Since the company has to provide greater discounts to certain type of hospitals, if more patients have treatments in hospitals the revenue from the drug decreases.
  • Company asked us to conduct an exploratory analysis to find out if there was a shifting trend and to provide insights on the shift.

Analytics Led Approach

  • Leveraged the WK claims data to analyze the patient activity.
  • Measured the percentage of treatment at various locations over time. Further analyzed the profile of treatments by payer type, region, patient age group, patient gender and new/continuing treatment.
  • Analyzed at the problem from perspective of both physicians and patients to identify the key drivers of shift.
  • Performed physician profiling for physicians who practiced in multiple locations.

Business Impact

  • The results confirmed an increase in the patient treatments in hospitals.
  • Understood the region and the payer types that are observing a shift.
  • Found that it is the physicians practicing in multiple locations (and not the patients) who are influencing the shift to hospitals.
  • Discovered the profile of the physicians who are likely to drive a shift to hospitals.

Critical Success Factors

  • Identified and profiled the physicians who were influencing the shift to hospitals
  • Compared the results for company’s drugs to its competitors going the extra mile to give a glimpse of market positioning.

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