Price Index Report Automation

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Top FMCG manufacturer in the world

Problem Statement

  • Company was reporting price index figures of 200+ variants from over 28 countries
  • Sales volume and sales value of each of these variants came from separate legacy systems
  • The systems reported the dates in varying formats (some even incorrect and some in native language)
  • Company had to manually process these in excel which was taking over 2 weeks for every monthly report

Analytics Led Approach

  • Built a robust algorithm to overcome the manual reformatting effort that was required to prepare the global price index reports
  • A common algorithm was formulated to handle any report that came from any of the legacy systems currently in place
  • Provisions were provided to handle more formats that can arise in the future

Business Impact

  • Results can now be generated at the click of a button in Alteryx
  • Greatly reduced the manual effort involved in processing the reports in excel
  • A reusable module was given that can be used to handle new brands and variants as and when they get introduced
  • Reports can be run from anywhere in the world
  • Error reporting greatly reduced time spent on quality checks

Critical Success Factors

  • Process that took 2 weeks was reduced to less than 1 minute
  • Highly scalable solution – algorithm designed to handle newer formats for new brands & variants
  • Portable Solution – report can be run from anywhere in the world

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