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AI & Analytics Takshila

AI & Analytics Providers

AI & Analytics Student of the Year Awards

Sushant Varanasi

BITS Pilani

Suyansh Sharma


Rohit Singh Solanki

IIM Amritsar

Preyansh Agrawal

BITS Pilani

Raunak Baid

St. Joseph’s Collecge

Rishi R

Jain University

Shyna Garg

Chitkara University

Pranav Mahajan

BITS Pilani

Rohit Rajwade


Nishanth Sanjeev

BITS Pilani

Sam Reddy Sai Sri Ram Reddy

St. Joseph’s College

Simarjeet Kaur

Chitkara University

Harsh Gupta

St. Joseph’s College

Cathleen J Paul

St. Joseph’s College

Shiva Teja

St. Joseph’s College

Women to watch out for in AI & Analytics

Chahat Kalia


Torsha Chowdhury


Rajani Rai Vinodkumar


Buvana Iyer

Course5 Intelligence

Bhawna Jain


Sunitha Muchinthala

St. Joseph’s College

Monika Singh


Luxmi Sapra

Dev Bhoomi Institute of


AI & Analytics Rising Star Awards

Trisha Sharan


Shubham Chhajed


Abhishek Singh


Akshay Arora


Adarsh Shukla

Course5 Intelligence

Disha Mishra

Aureus Analytics

Saket Kanodia


Karthik Ramadugu


Sharda Sinha

Course5 Intelligence

Juhi Tandon

Reliance Jio

Mayank Chawla


Aswin Karthik P


AI & Analytics Industry Leader Awards

Pankaj Khattar


Ajith Sankaran

Course5 Intelligence

Vivek Karmakar


Snigdha Gupta


Amit Sachan

Reliance Jio

Pallavi Gupta


Guruprasad Rao

Mahindra & Mahindra

Sandeep Pandey


3AI President Awards for Exceptional Contribution

Dr. Devesh Bathla

Special Mention

Aparana Gupta

Exceptional Mentor

Swati Jain

Exceptional Mentor

Rupinder Kaur

Special Mention

Rajneesh Pathak

Exceptional Mentor

Saurabh Agrawal

Exceptional Mentor

Amar Saxena

Exceptional Mentor

Arvind Thothadri

Exceptional Mentor

Kishore Kumar

Exceptional Mentor

Sayed Akhtar

Operational Excellence

3AI Pinnacle Awards 2021 acknowledges & celebrates the contribution of AI & Analytics students, professionals, academic institutions, leaders, companies & startups in driving significant value & outcomes and augment the efforts of positioning India as a premier destination for AI & Analytics

The award categories are open to individuals, teams & enterprises working in the AI & Analytics global arena  and is an exceptional opportunity to showcase bleeding edge research, solution, application , engagement capabilities & contribution in AI & Analytics and get wider recognition in the ever expanding AI & Analytics industry.

3AI endeavour is to grow, scale & elevate AI & Analytics community by recognizing the diligence and dedication of the involved ones. The 3AI Pinnacle Awards 2021 will recognize selected leaders, professionals, students, enterprises, startups and academic institutions across different award categories that have significantly executed the art of solving large, complex & unresolved problems through AI and Analytics. This 3AI Pinnacle Awards 2021 is spread across seven categories.

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The 3AI Pinnacle Awards 2021 Categories

This year we have awards across 6 categories. The Awards are open to individuals, teams, institutions and organizations working within the Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning Ecosystem from across Industries in India.

  1. AI & Analytics Rising Star – Nominate now
  2. Women to watch out for in AI & Analytics – Nominate now
  3. AI & Analytics Student of the Year – Nominate now
  4. AI & Analytics Takshila – Nominate now
  5. AI & Analytics Industry Leaders – Nominate now
  6. Top AI & Analytics Providers – Nominate now

The 3AI Pinnacle Awards Construct

The 3AI Pinnacle Awards ​sets ​the new template to recognize AI & Analytics Industry and Academia​ and looks at building and scaling AI & Analytics community and showcase the best of the work engagements. ​Here are few compelling reasons why you should participate in 3AI Pinnacle 2021 awards.

Stand out from the rest by showcasing your cutting-edge solution, innovative capability and work engagement in AI & Analytics space. An opportunity to interact with eminent AI & Analytics Leaders & Experts.

Share your contribution, insights, knowledge and learnings with the AI & Analytics industry professionals and aspirants.

Get recognized amongst your peers and the broader AI & Analytics community and increase your mindshare.

Get noticed as a top talent, make long-lasting connects that could open new avenues for you.

Trigger your company, startup’s mindshare & market share amongst the AI & Analytics community.

Winners Package

3AI Pinnacle Award Categories

The 3AI Pinnacle Awards 2021 will be a recognition and an opportunity to connect with the most talented AI & Analytics professionals, enthusiasts and their teams from across India.

This year we have awards across 7 categories. The Awards are open to individuals, teams, institutions and organizations working within the Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning Ecosystem from across Industries in India.

3AI will begin accepting nominations for all categories from 14th June 2021.

For any additional queries, mail us at:

Award Categories & Nominations

AI & Analytics Rising Star

Nominees in this category include working professionals with up to 6 years of related work experience. This award will be in individual contributor mode and will recognize budding and emerging AI & Analytics professionals.

Women to watch out for in AI & Analytics

The award will recognize & showcase the contributions of women in AI & Analytics, the ones that have demonstrated eminent work, people & project engagements in AI and analytics within their organizations and acted as role models in their organizations.

AI & Analytics Student of the Year

The award celebrates innovative & impact driven AI and Analytics research, or project executed by students from academic institutions in India. If you are a student: graduate/ postgraduate (previous 12-months’ time window) or a group of students that have solved an innovative problem statement led by AI & Analytics or executed a methodical and innovative project in AI & Analytics area that can positively impact an industry, this Award is meant for you!

AI & Analytics Takshila

The award category brings into focus the academic institutions and EdTech firms in India that have done excelled in imparting programs related to AI, Analytics and Data Sciences during 2019- 2020.  The criteria include: innovation in program design, teaching pedagogy, contextualized learning initiatives, industry collaborations & research programs that the academic institutions/EdTech firms have incorporated to equip and build students with a sustainable career path in the AI, Analytics and Data Science areas.

AI & Analytics Industry Leader

For the first time ever, 3AI looks at acknowledging the contributions of the industry and business functions leaders in AI & Analytics areas that have delivered successful engagements and scalable business impact through AI & Analytics powered offerings , solutions and platforms or have curated novel approaches to build AI & Analytics across industry segments : Banking, Financial Services, Fintech, Insurance, Retail & CPG, manufacturing, Healthcare, Lifesciences, Technology industries or Customer Experience, Marketing, HR, Finance & Accounts, Supply Chain, Operation functions .

Top AI & Analytics Providers

The award will acknowledge the leading AI & Analytics players/providers/outfits; recognizing their potential to augment AI & Analytics adoption for the end enterprises with their differentiated offerings & capabilities. This category will evaluate AI & Analytics players & providers for their business model, GTM strategy, delivery & talent excellence, unique capabilities & offerings across the AI & Analytics suite.


Pankaj Rai

Sundara Ramalingam N

Prithvijit Roy

Tathagat Varma

Mahesh Calavai

Bhaskar Roy

Dipayan Chakraborty

Aparana Gupta

Amar Saxena

Saraswathi Ramachandra

Sowjanya Shetty

Sameer Dhanrajani

Matangi Sri

Rajneesh Pathak

Kapil Gandhi


  1. 1
    What triggered formation of 3AI Pinnacle Awards?

    3AI Pinnacle Awards have been established to bring ingenuity in recognizing the best-in class & next-in class in AI and Analytics industry, academic institutions and startups and to enable accelerated growth of AI and Analytics community across India.

  2. 2
    Who is behind 3AI Pinnacle Awards?

    Set up in February 2020, 3AI is India’s largest platform for AI & Analytics aspirants & professionals and this is the second edition of Pinnacle Awards. Since our inception, the Awards are supported by our 200+ 3AI Thought Leaders that are involved in creating the different award categories and associated nomination criteria to provide credibility to the process of the awards. Pinnacle awards have been conceptualized keeping in view evolving roles and advancements in the AI and Analytics Ecosystem.

  3. 3
    What are the award categories?

    3AI Pinnacle Awards 2021 carry 6 prestigious Award Categories:

    1. AI & Analytics Rising Star
    2. Women to watch out for in AI & Analytics
    3. AI & Analytics Takshila
    4. AI & Analytics Student of the Year
    5. AI & Analytics Industry Leaders
    6. Top AI & Analytics Providers
  4. 4
    When is the opening date for the entries & nominations?

    June 14th, 2021

  5. 5
    How can I nominate myself or my organization?

    Basis the mentioned details of seven award categories, you can select the relevant one and register your details on the awards nomination page.

  6. 6
    How do I submit my nomination?

    June 14th, 2021 onwards, you will find a link on each category page that will bring you to the nomination details. After filling in the required nominee details, you can submit your /organization nomination.

  7. 7
    How should I fill up the nomination form in the correct manner?

    It is recommended that your application is submitted per the nomination details fields rather than making it look like a marketing or sales collateral as each submission will be marked against the criteria set out and will be reviewed by internal 3AI vetting team members.

  8. 8
    What is the definition of AI & Analytics?

    For the purposes of these awards, AI & Analytics is defined as:

    Artificial Intelligence – Advancements of image, voice, text & video analytics coupled with ensemble machine learning enabled algorithms. Key categories of AI include: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, computer vision, image classification, NLP/NLU, speech recognition, algorithmic building techniques.

    Analytics – Analysis of structured and unstructured data to generate real time actionable insights, and encompasses a range of fields including Data aggregation, mediation, engineering, mining, visualization.

  9. 9
    I am a part time student; can I enter the student related category?

    Yes, as long as the submission was initiated and completed during the course and is directly linked to the pursuit of your educational studies (i.e. is assessed or a prerequisite for completing your course).

  10. 10
    Can I submit multiple entries?

    It is permissible to submit multiple entries to the competition only if the projects / themes are distinctly different.  It is advised that you assess the individual criteria to decide which category your entry is most suited for. You cannot submit the same project to multiple categories. You cannot apply for more than 2 categories, in total.

  11. 11
    Can my entry be moved to a different category?

    During the due diligence phase, if required the jury will advise if your application is more suitable for a different category than to the one you originally submitted to.

  12. 12
    What is the timeframe for the participating projects?

    Please check the individual category criteria. For the most part, projects must have been completed in the last 12 – 18 months.

  13. 13
    Will the information I submit be kept confidential?

    In submitting your application, you agree to provide the 3AI Awards team & jury with confidential information and intellectual property to be used for the sole purpose of matching your application to the award criteria and to be judged by the Jury, as selected by the 3AI Awards. 3AI will protect your confidential information as they would their own and will not use it for any commercial purpose unless expressly agreed to by you. All intellectual property submitted will remain the property of the applicants and will not be used by 3AI or the jury in any other way that compromises the ownership of such intellectual property.

  14. 14
    What permissions do I need to submit my application?

    It is the responsibility of each applicant to have the consent of the relevant stakeholders to submit the application and all the information contained within.  It is advised that entrants should only share the information they are comfortable with and not to share highly sensitive personal or company information or data.

  15. 15
    Who created award categories & nomination criteria?

    Every year, 3AI Thought Leaders Committee come together and create, refine the award categories & nomination criteria to ensure that the awards are evolving per the changing scenario in the AI & Analytics Ecosystem. The jury consists of eminent AI & Analytics leaders, CXO’s & academic leaders from across industry and academia to ensure transparency and fairness across the competition.

  16. 16
    When are the different stages of competition taking place?

    Please refer to each award category timelines as phases are different for each category.

  17. 17
    When will be the winners announced?

    31st July, 2021

  18. 18
    How will I know if I have made to the final stage?

    Final selections will be announced at the end of shortlisting stage and notified via the contact information that was provided during the registration phase. Refer to each award category for the dates.

    For any clarification , get in touch at :


India's largest platform for AI & Analytics leaders, professionals & aspirants

3AI is India’s largest platform for AI & Analytics leaders, professionals & aspirants and a confluence of leading and marquee AI & Analytics leaders, experts, influencers & practitioners on one platform.

3AI platform enables leaders to engage with students and working professionals with 1:1 mentorship for competency augmentation and career enhancement opportunities through guided learning, contextualized interventions, focused knowledge sessions & conclaves, internship & placement assistance in AI & Analytics sphere.

3AI works closely with several academic institutions, enterprises, learning academies, startups, industry consortia to accelerate the growth of AI & Analytics industry and provide comprehensive suite of engage, learn & scale engagements and interventions to our members.3AI platform have 14000+ active members from students & working professionals community, 450+ AI & Analytics thought leaders & mentors and an active outreach & engagement with 400+ enterprises & 125+ academic institutions.

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