Patients Support program Turnaround Time Optimization

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Problem Statement

  • Program turnaround time and speed up the process with high quality error-free progress.
  • Monitoring Nurses Performance and Best practice for supporting patients and converting into Therapy.
  • Best staffing model for Patients Support.
  • Monitoring every stages of the HUB models.

Analytics Led Approach

  • In depth analysis implementation on entire HUB model to understand the performance and time taken to complete the multiple stages of the model. Correlate the Stages performance and turnaround time against the  Nurses performance.
  • Designed a Nurses Performance report to closely monitor Nurses tasks, progress and Designed details Brand performance dashboards to observe the turnaround days of stages. Analyzed Patients behavioral against the Turnaround time.
  • Staffing model created based on the Patients persistence.

Business Impact

  • Identified Stages that take extended time to complete and solution provided to optimize the same to reduce the overall turnaround time.
  • Standardized dashboards and Reports produced to monitor the Brand performance Solution provided based on trends – Best time to call or reach patients to convert them into successful therapy.
  • Standardized interactive reports produced on weekly basis to watch the Nurses performance against their Goals. Expected vs  Actuals.

Critical Success Factors

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