Membership Benefits

3AI Interventions at a glance:

3AI membership provides individuals and organizations with an array of benefits focusing on

  • Professional Development
  • Career Advancement
  • Community and Networking
  1. 1
    Professional Development

    The 3AI Mentorus provides existing members an opportunity to interact with the Top Industry AI & Analytics Leaders in a group setting and on a 1:1 basis. Further, apart from building and upskilling knowledge and skills, the program also offers the members career guidance sessions, landscape of AI & analytics roles and job expectations, personalized career roadmap exercise and enabling members build relationships along with expanding their networks.

    Webinars, Seminars and Conferences
    Members can participate in Webinars, Seminars & Conferences and get an opportunity to build  their knowledge base, gain deep expertise in their respective industry segments & functions, Get inspired by meeting leaders and learn from their experiences, get access to contextualized learning opportunities, insights on career progression and exchanging ideas and viewpoints from industry experts.

    Knowledge Insights
    The research library provides the members with an exhaustive and vast array of topical AI & Analytics blogs, videos, articles and newsletters. It helps in building contextualized learning by providing information about deep technology and domain areas leveraged by AI & Analytics. It’s a treasure trove for members looking to enrich their learning quotient.

    Get Involved
    This program gives 3AI members an opportunity for professional development in the AI / Analytics industry by getting involved as a delegate or speaker at leading conferences and events and also become a certified mentor to train AI/Analytics Aspirants and Professionals. Members also get an opportunity to improve their social media presence in the relevant forums by making contributions to 3AI library and gaining insights through access to exclusive content.

  2. 2
    Career Advancement

    Competency Framework and Job Descriptions
    3AI Competency Framework is first-of-its-kind industry reference. It defines the necessary knowledge and skills for AI and Analytics budding professionals and provides a career path by defining the job tasks spanning entry to advanced level professionals.

    Assessments & Certifications
    3AI provides personalised direction and career progression for 3AI members by providing a competency framework of fit to existing roles and a series of self-assessment evaluation techniques. It also provides multiple certification programs through our extensive set of learning & training partners in AI & Analytics areas.

    Internship and Job Placement Assistance
    Leveraging on a wide network of Thought Leaders, Mentors, Ambassadors and Members, 3AI provides a segway of bridging the demand-supply gap in the AI& Analytics market opportunities. Our members get an exclusive assistance of curated question bank, internship opportunities, mock interview sessions and & placement opportunities with AI pure play players, GCCs, startups & IT firms.

  3. 3
    Community and Networking

    Special Interest Groups (SIG)
    The program includes access to Special Interest Groups for 3AI members to connect with fellow AI practitioners, enthusiasts and learners to share best practices, discuss current issues and augment learning by sharing content, coding challenges, information on latest skills and practices & ideas. Our members get ample networking opportunities with industry leaders and professionals within AI/Analytics community.

    Annual conferences
    3AI organizes annual conference featuring hours and days of groundbreaking learning sessions, networking opportunities, and the annual AI & Analytics Awards

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