AI Scientist

AI Scientist


Wipro Technologies

Design, develop, and deliver AI/machine learning enabled solutions for specific industry problems.

– Build scalable, available, and supportable processes to collect, manipulate, present, and analyze large datasets in a production environment

– Articulate problem definition and work on all aspects of data including acquisition, exploration/visualization, feature engineering, experimentation with machine learning algorithms, deploying models.

– Develop working prototypes of algorithms and evaluate and compare metrics based on the real-world data sets

– Provide design input specifications, requirements, and guidance to software engineers for algorithm implementation for solution/product development.


– 10+ years of professional experience is required

– Degree in applied math, statistics, machine learning or computer science. PhD/ MS is preferred

– Deep understanding of statistics and experience with machine learning algorithms/techniques.

– Proven programming skills, in particular C++ and Python, strong experience with DL frameworks such as Tensorflow, Theano and others

– Scientific expertise and real-world experience in deep learning (convolutional neural networks, restricted Boltzmann machines, and deep neural networks)

– Passion for solving challenging analytical problems

– Ability to quickly qualitatively and quantitatively assess a problem

– Ability to work productively with team members, identify and resolve tough issues in a collaborative manner.

– Experience in applying machine learning techniques to real-world problems in a production environment


– Publications in the machine learning space is preferred

– Articles on Advance topics in DL, including generating patents and research paper publications in IEEE and likes

– Worked on large-scale, real-world problems in deep learning for a startup or large Enterprise

– Open source contribution in algorithms, libraries and frameworks in DL

– Membership of leading research groups in Deep learning area

– Worked on Distributed computing environment such as Hadoop, Spark etc

– Exposure to NoSQL technologies such as MongoDB, Cassandra

– Impressive publication record in the top scientific journals.

– Passion for data

– Experience with participating and winning Hackathon/Kaggle like competitions in ML/DL areas

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