Research Analyst

Research Analyst



Role/Department Description:
90% – Collect, analyze and process financial market data from various data sources and into the database utilized by the team. Ensure the integrity of the company’s financial market information. Complete, timely and accurate database Accurate and reliable data for the client
10% Audit Resolutions/fix and recommendations for market specific guidelines. Audit resolution sign off. Creation and refinement of market specific guides. Accurate and reliable data for the client
Provide accurate and reliable demographic and statistical financial market data to internal database and to internal/external clientele; Focus on ensuring the integrity of the company’s financial market information ; Fulfill the research/analytical/ market study needs, required/ requested by the external clients in order to procure and retain future and current business ; Support clients on data queries ; The job also involves reporting & maintaining records of work done

Required Skills
Undergraduate degree in Commerce / Business Management/ Finance/Accounting /Economics or equivalent Be able to effectively understand the content/market (s) handled
Computer Literacy Effectively use the database and software for collection and processing of content/data
Numerical skills To ensure understanding of the financial data to be collected and/or processed
Analytical skills and detail orientation To ensure accuracy of data
Knowledge of financial markets and accountancy (as needed) To ensure effective understanding of assigned content/market
Graduate in Commerce / Business Management / Finance / Accounting / Economics or equivalent ;
Computer literate
Good Numerical Skills
Analytical Skills and detail-oriented
Good knowledge of Accountancy
Understanding of Financial Markets
Successfully completed internal department training;
Additional prerequisite for Production Support
Completed on-line training in the use of FactSet workstation

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