Incentive Compensation administration for 8000+ sales force

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One of the top 3 US Pharmaceutical companies

Problem Statement

  • Robust solution with quick processing time and high quality error-free reports
  • Customizability via a “parameterized” method
  • Admin run included implementation of plans, special Incentives and company-wide Annual Contests
  • A centralized communication system to enable field staff (sales and Mgmt) to access reports, documents and other business information

Analytics Led Approach

  • Comprehensive due-diligence exercise during proposal stage to understand key pain points
  • Rendered a simple user-friendly tool to perform ‘What-if’ analysis on IC Computations/ payouts
  • Designed a structured workflow based tool to capture qualitative metrics for IC computations
  • Optimal reports distribution mechanism provided through Sales Portal for matrix driven access control

Business Impact

  • Transparent project management approach for dynamic project tracking
  • Standardized and formal data management processes
  • Reduced cycle time by 2 days
  • Successful adoption of sales portal to make report distribution efficient and hassle – free

Critical Success Factors

  • Saved over $ 5MM in operating costs over 5 years
  • Parameterized tool provides requisite flexibility, with ease of use aiding rapid response to the organizational changes and superior report distribution mechanism

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