Immersive Technologies in Healthcare | Vijay Karunakaran

Immersive Technologies in Healthcare | Vijay Karunakaran

Immersive health technologies are revolutionizing the delivery of frontline healthcare, therapeutic techniques, and research. Virtual and augmented reality technology have been responsible for some particular advancements in the healthcare industry. They offer great potential to improve the training of healthcare professionals through reality-simulation training. They also enable drastic reduction of human errors in diagnosis and help imparting correct treatment for the patient. Besides from the obvious role of caring for patients, immersive tech can help to reduce staff overload by automating the repetitive yet important tasks such as scheduling, accounting and managing health records and paperwork and many more.

In this Webinar Vijay would give an  Introduction to Immersive technologies(ar,vr,mr&xr), Why it is the next computing Platform, How AI is being used along with XR in Healthcare ? Some Possible Applications in Healthcare – Training , What’s the sudden interest of VR in Healthcare , VR & Neuroplasticity and the Future for Immersive Technologies in Health care Industry




Jun 07 2020


11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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