Enterprise-wide Model Inventory Management & Performance Monitoring Tool

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One-Stop-Shop for a bank’s model governance needs

Solution Overview

Model Eye is the imminent answer to bank’s need for achieving superior model governance compliance, driving efficiency in the model governance process, and helping banks face supervisors with confidence..!

Business Use Cases

  • Manual Process of Monitoring Model performance that leaves many models without periodic review and validation.
  • Models lacking detailed Documentation which has become a major point of concern during regulatory reviews.
  • Models are in a “Diffused State” -Every BU / LOB develop their own models and are managing it themselves. There is No Single Inventory / Risk Tier-ing of Models. Also, there is No Single View of Models or Model Interdependencies and hence aggregated Model Risk remains unknown.

Key Differentiators

  • Platform Agnostic., ME can sit over any existing platform with minimal hardware and software investments (ME will be built in phases moving from SAS, SPSS, R to other Platforms as SAS is widely used). Can be implemented On-Premise/ or offered as SAAS
  • Built-in Large & Rich Library of Statistical Tests & Metrics for monitoring for faster implementation
  • High Configurability / customizability to suit the bank’s policies and processes enabling easier adoption within the bank
  • Automation of a fairly large number of monitoring processes that will save the bank’s spend on monitoring and free up resources (internal and vendor) to focus on model development

Key Features

Centralized Model Inventory

Ability to maintain centralized Model Repository and Model related information through the entire model life cycle, across multiple regions and business lines

Model Documentation Management

Audit Trail and Version control enabled Model Documentation Management for business use, internal audits and supervisory reviews

Automated Model Monitoring

Pre-Built Rich Library of Statistical Tests / Performance Monitoring metrics for handling multiple Class of Models that connect to the bank’s native analytical model development platforms for automated monitoring and reporting

Policy Implementation Workflow

Model Eye can help banks put in place a seamless workflow management system for implementing Model Governance policies

Reporting & Dashboarding

Enables the central reporting of health of all models & operational metrics for model governance processes across the bank


Model Eye comes in with enormous collaboration features to ensure a harmonious working between various process stakeholders

Key Benefits

  • Ensure adherence towards Model Governance Policies & Procedures across the entire Model Life Cycle and the entire organization
  • Makes regulatory and supervisory reviews on Model Risk Management smoother : all models, their performance monitoring results and accompanying documentation through the Model Life Cycle in a one-stop shop
  • Better business agility: CXO can ensure all models in use are relevant and healthy and helps senior management showcase “Effective Challenge” at every stage
  • Automated periodic model monitoring and reporting activities ensure more than just “Annual Touch” and save valuable resource time
  • Codify knowledge: Models no longer individual-dependent. Institutional record helps with business continuity
  • Task / Issues completely managed in a central place with Alerts/ Reminders on deadlines
  • Can be deployed “On-Premise” or offered as “Software as a Service” and connects seamlessly to your existing analytics platforms/ production systems

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