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American leader in Healthcare

Problem Statement

  • A multi brand challenge covering roll out in different Geographies for an international healthcare company which manufactures and markets products that save and sustain the lives of people with diseases and acute medical conditions.
  • The company wanted to recreate their Australian and New Zealand website and wanted to understand the user behavior and their response to the new website with the help of Web Analytics tool.
  • The company required web analytics data reporting/dashboards for its 8+ brand websites in the US geography.

Analytics Led Approach

  • Implemented basic as well as custom tagging for:
    • Modal windows, banners
    • Keywords in internal Search & search results
    • Internal campaigns
    • Individual user specific behavior
  • Testing of the implemented tags and verification of the data generated in Webtrends.
  • Definition of KPI’s & metrics to be tracked specific to the business.
  • Acquisition and analysis of video related data from Brightcove video analytics tool.
  • Ensure data integrity while working across a number of massive dashboards

Business Impact

  • Analytics Metrics helped company in providing information about users response to the new website.
  • Keyword and internal search analysis helped client to understand the traffic behavior in better way, measuring effectiveness of the campaigns along with improved data driven decision making.
  • Consolidated data from Brightcove enabled better understanding of user interaction with videos

Critical Success Factors

  • The proposed solution helped in successful roll out of the website across Geographies

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