Adobe Analytics (Omniture) Implementation Through TMS

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Privately held USA supermarket chain

Problem Statement

  • Due to increased IT dependency in adding , editing & removing third party a Tag Management System is needed to implement third party tags.
  • SiteCatalyst needs to be re-implemented due to multiple gaps in the existing implementation. Thus a TMS tool of choice needs to be used to implement SiteCatalyst on

Analytics Led Approach

  • TMS Tool selection: A TMS tool was chosen based on the TMS scorecard which considered stakeholder requirements, current IT set-up etc.
  • SiteCatalyst Requirements: Identified and documented requirements. Created :
    • Taxonomy
    • Tagging Specification document
    • Implementation Document
  • TMS + SiteCatalyst Implementation: Implemented the bootstrap code on the website. SiteCatalyst tagging completed on the TMS
  • Go- Live + Reporting & Analysis: Post Testing and launch, mock dashboard and reports were created. Monthly reports, dashboards with analysis & insights were shared with the clients

Business Impact

  • Accelerated website performance
  • Documented SiteCatalyst requirements & Implementation through TMS
  • Detailed reports with accurate actionable data for use by marketing & ecommerce.

Critical Success Factors

TMS tool deployed that will :

  • Modify, test and deploy digital marketing services in real-time
  • Deploy new tools faster, accelerating time-to-value
  • Reduce day-to-day reliance on busy IT departments and consultants

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