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Who We Are

3AI is a confluence of leading and marquee AI & Analytics thought leaders, experts, influencers and practitioners on one platform.

3AI platform enables the leaders to engage with students and working professionals for competency augmentation and career enhancement opportunities through guided learning, focused knowledge sessions, 1:1 mentorship, internship & placement assistance in AI & Analytics sphere.

3AI works closely with several academic institutions, enterprises, learning academies, training outfits, startups, industry consortia, government bodies to facilitate the growth of AI & Analytics industry and provide comprehensive suite of engage, learn & scale engagements and interventions to our members.

What We Do

  1. 1
    Associate and create a community of AI and analytics aspirants, professionals and thought leaders in India
  2. 2
    Advance and develop an ecosystem of continuous learning and deep skilling in the AI and Analytics arena
  3. 3
    Advocate and drive policy making for AI and Analytics with policy makers and influencers
  4. 4
    Institutionalize and share the collective learning and experience on AI applications and adoption

3AI Thought Leaders and Mentors

Pankaj Rai

Dr. Avik Sarkar

Shruti Vijay Jaiswal


Annapurna A

Philip V. Varughese


Anees Merchant

Kapil Gandhi


Aparana Gupta

Dr. Githa Heggde

Dr. Githa Heggde

Saraswathi Ramachandra

Dr. Ambica Rajagopal

Sundara Ramalingam N

Sowjanya Shetty

Vijay Karunakaran

Dnyanesh Bodhe

Sandeep Raut

Anupam Gupta


Dr. Amar Saxena

Dr. Sarabjot Singh Anand

Sanjeev Kumar

Rajashree Rao

Sunil David

Kapil Malhotra

Gokul Alex

Arvind Thothadri

Bipin Pradeep Kumar

Rajneesh Pathak

Ankur Narang

This program is designed to strengthen relationship between our current members, executive members, thought leaders & mentors, and highlight the passionate and enthusiastic members that are keen to promote 3AI’s charter.

3AI ambassador program is open to 3AI members from students, academia and working professionals’ categories. Once nominated by the 3AI Executive Committee, 3AI Ambassadors will be listed officially on the 3AI website and may use the name “3AI Ambassador” in official communications.

Benefits to 3AI Ambassadors

  • 3AI Ambassador will gain exclusive access with "Monthy" 1:1 sessions with 3AI Thought Leaders and Mentors
  • 3AI Ambassadors get Free Access to minimum two external conferences, seminars, roundtable discussions or leaders meet up
  • 3AI Ambassadors will be upgraded to premium membership, automatically
  • 3AI Ambassadors will be eligible for Free Renewal of membership
  • 3AI Ambassadors will be eligibility for 3AI Impact Awards
  • 3AI Ambassador will get access to bespoke reports and research on AI & Analytics areas and will be invited to write blogs, articles that will be featured on 3AI website
  • 3AI Ambassadors will be trained by 3AI leadership to contribute as Mentors

Akanksha Bajaj

Asad Akhtar

Nitin Nagori

Nitesh Garg

Prince Pillai


Shubhram Pandey

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