Last date for nomination:
Monday, 20th September, 2021

Last date for nomination:
Monday, 20th September, 2021

Spotlight Awards

3AI Zenith Spotlight Awards is a first ever attempt by 3AI to acknowledge the immense contribution of young turks, exemplary performers in the AI. Analytics & Data Science arena with 2-10 years of working experience. The award will recognize & showcase the contributions of budding and emerging AI, Analytics & Data Science professionals that have demonstrated eminent work, people & project engagements in AI, Analytics & Data Science within their organizations and acted as role models in their organizations.

To illustrate, the nominee may have applied a novel approach in the existing or previous AI, Analytics & Data Science engagements that led to client impact, successfully led a team through a challenging & complex project, or discovered a new process to deploy AI, Analytics & Data Science solution, platform or GTM offering across industry segments.

Top GCCs in AI, Analytics & Data Science

Global Capability Centers (GCCs) are at a critical inflection point. As multinational corporations continue to move to an AI-first paradigm, they are looking at their GCCs to provide AI prowess to drive the innovation & transformation.AI has taken a robust foothold in the GCCs, with their talent powering evidence-backed, data-driven decisions for their parent organizations. The next generation of the GCCs will be expected to provide autonomous decision support and an AI-augmented human intelligence. AI, Analytics & Data Science leaders at GCC’s will need to harness the burgeoning power of AI to drive corporate decisions, automate repetitive, low-value tasks and reinvent business models for the continued success of their business in the new world.

3AI Zenith Awards recognizes the exemplary performance of top GCCs that have demonstrated sustained AI & Analytics prowess through differentiated capabilities & offerings , building state of art AI/Analytics Center of Excellence, crafting novel AI, Analytics & Data Science talent strategies or executed continual AI, Analytics & Data Science engagements with demonstrated impact & value. Top GCCs in AI, Analytics & Data Science Awards is a first ever attempt by 3AI to acknowledge the immense contribution of GCCs that are playing a pivotal role in advancing the transformation & innovation quotient of their parent organizations with AI, Analytics & Data Science.

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Nominations opening


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Sep 20 - Sep 222021

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