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An Intro to Predictive Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Modelling

Sunday, July 19th 2020 at 11:30am IST

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How can you predict the value of a customer over the course of his or her interactions with your business? That’s a question many companies are trying to answer, and it is the topic of next 3AI Webinar on July 19 (Sunday)

Understanding the factors that drive customer lifetime value (CLV) leads to more effective marketing, acquisition, retention and revenue forecasting.

The best CLV models go beyond simply describing the value of your current customers. They predict the future value of prospects and customers.

What is customer lifetime value and how will predictive customer lifetime value change the customer acquisition game in the years to come? In this webinar, 3AI Thought Leader Amar Saxena will discuss how to use predictive customer lifetime value to gather data, get more sales, and increase customer retention through an overview of the data and analytic models required to set up a CLV framework.

Moreover, you will also get a glimpse into the future, getting to know how Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will team up with predictive customer lifetime value analytics to get results.


Dr. Amar Saxena

Associate Professor, Krea University

Key Takeaways

Specifically, in this webinar, you will:

Learn the difference between historical versus predictive CLV and why predictive CLV is a better approach
Get an overview of the various predictive CLV modeling techniques and which ones apply to different business cases
Know the minimum data requirements to build a reliable CLV model
Get a solid overview of probabilistic models for non-contractual business settings and understand the limitations of such probabilistic models

An Intro to Predictive Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Modelling

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  • Sunday, July 19th 2020 at 11:30am IST


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