3AI Knowledge Insights Series


With rapidly changing customer needs and increased competition, retail and CPG companies are diversifying the vast customer data at their disposal and identifying the right kind of models to drive AI adoption and consumption. The renewed focus is on Decision Models and the various aspects from Statistical to Data Flow Models .Explore more as Imran walks through the journey into decision models, their setup, adoption and consumption practices across CPG and Retail.


We’re standing on the precipice of a new era in artificial intelligence and machine learning. It’s an exciting time for all of us, with AI helping us make faster decisions and work smarter. But as we move from theory into practice, there are still some big questions that need answering –how do we scale AI and help build trusted & ethical AI. Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) has been described as the next frontier in artificial intelligence that deals with deploying machine learning models into production, while ensuring high model performance, operationalizing ML processes and governance for a safe and ethical AI.

This session will focus on demystifying MLOps and discuss what it is, why it’s important, current challenges, who needs to be involved to execute MLOps successfully, machine learning model life cycles, use cases of MLOps and how it can help build trusted and ethical AI. Please join Aruna Patam as she takes you through a journey of MLOps.


Digital information has been growing at such a pace that the term “big data” no longer seems adequate.While many companies have solved or largely solved the problem of how much data there is and Cloud storage makes it easy to store data, and many organizations have made heavy investments in data warehouses to manage their data. Yet, few have reached a level of maturity with their analytics that can be considered transformational. A global Gartner survey found that only 9% considered they matched Gartner’s definition for the highest level of maturity, where data and analytics are central to business strategy. In this webinar, Vijaya will explore:

  1. Key obstacles to effective adoption of AI and Analytics
  2. Understand what can be done to operationalise analytics and bridge the last mile gap and
  3. Change management best practices to drive adoption.

The Startup world is fast changing and many startups are incorporating AI into their systems. AI can be used by a startup for various purposes – either as their core offering or to optimize their business. The move to incorporate AI is an important decision, which should be taken carefully after considering various factors ranging from Data availability to Customer acceptance. If done correctly, AI can bring about huge change in the company to gain advantage over the competitor. However, every step in the move should be measured with the right set of KPIs, ignoring the vanity KPIs.

Understanding when a Startup should think of incorporating AI and creating the right road map is critical.


Online games have come a very long way since the days of Minesweeper, Pac Man, Solitaire to name a few. COVID, if anything, has only propelled the demand for online games resulting in bigger and faster changes coming to life; be it the market landscape, increasing competition amongst game providers or users wanting better and more realistic experiences. Easing smartphone affordability and internet accessibility have further fuelled the demand, globally.

Interestingly there is a lot of data available about user behaviours, purchase patterns, game interactions, etc spiralling every second making a stronger case to implement various AI / ML solutions. Interesting techniques like Pathfinding, Finite State Machines, Behaviour Trees, Deep Neural Networks, Procedural Content Generation are being leveraged for developing modern games. Explore many more interesting AI techniques – please join Kishore as he deciphers how AI is changing the gaming industry.


The last few years have seen AI’s impact on people and society. With the rise of AI applications, we are at a critical inflection point for Responsible AI . In this Knowledge Insights Series, Shivani Raj Gupta will discuss industry perspectives, approaches, frameworks and practical tools to help organizations implement responsible AI . Learn how leaders in AI are working to advance our understanding, practices, and technology for responsible AI. Explore how to make AI trustworthy which is transparent, explainable, interpretable, fair and auditable in this upcoming session.


Things are changing quickly in the blockchain space, and decentralized finance (DeFi) is a current trend — it’s an exciting space to be, undoubtedly. Let’s dig a little deeper into DeFi and learn more about it expanding upon the changing landscape of traditional financial products and its composition of decentralized exchanges, collateralized loans, lending and borrowing platforms, leveraged trading, synthetic assets,payment networks, and much more. The first wave of applications were focused on using blockchain to create digital tokens and track their ownership This webinar will shed light on the composable nature of tokens and DeFi products, enabling to leverage each other to create a synergistic effect.

The first two sessions of the three part series focused on using blockchain to create digital tokens and track their ownership. In the third session, Kamlesh Parikarath, an expert in blockchain will demystify the echo system of deFI and will simplify the nuances around the terminologies and jargons . A must attend session !


Natural Language Processing (NLP) – machine learning enabled by AI that comprehends and even writes text is one of the most exciting areas of AI research and many advancements in availing NLP as a service has witnessed accelerated adoption. In this Knowledge Insights session by 3AI, Drishan will share his viewpoints on NLP and how recent advancements in NLP have made it possible to achieve human level performance and will also share his perspectives on achieving early results using limited labeled data along with potential challenges .


Fraud mitigation has assumed significant proportion in the strategic & operational priorities of enterprises. AI capabilities using ensemble machine learning are being leveraged extensively to look at possible fraud mitigation & prevention across industries.

Javed, Data Science Leader at UBER and 3AI Thought Leader & Mentor, will be providing descriptive viewpoints around different fraud scenarios, patterns of identification and various adoption & application scenarios of AI being leveraged to prevent & mitigate fraud. A must attend session !


In next 3 years, almost 95 percent of all customer interactions will be through channels supported by Artificial Intelligence. From personas to prediction to personalization, today Consumer Analytics & AI are changing how firms engage with customers and generate value. As marketing has become increasingly data-driven over the last 20 years, the tools required to analyse data and derive actionable insights have become increasingly sophisticated — especially through Machine Learning. They have revolutionised the industries by augmenting efficiency and productivity of customer experience processes.

In this webinar, we will explore stories from different industries on how Customer Analytics & AI are transforming customer centric business models


Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Distribution & Incentivization, Arrival of Decentralized, Trustless Networks like Blockchain has created disruption in the most centralized yet pervasive systems like money.

But cryptocurrencies also require their own monetary policies albeit different from the traditional one. Tokenomics at the very core defines the policies surrounding the token issuance, distribution and incentivization to make a token pervasive in its perception and implementation around a set purpose. But its cooler application might be how to make your own tokens popular and increase its market value. What to keep in mind before your token launch (ICOs)?

Kamlesh Parikarath, A Blockchain expert & 3AI thought leader & mentor will cover the basics of Tokenomics. In the second of three series trilogy, Kamlesh will unravel the supply & demand characteristics of cryptocurrency and will the interpret the highly disruptive technology behind it. A must attend session !


As Artificial Intelligence’s unseen hand becomes pervasive across business and marketing operations, the capabilities and cultures of various AI organizations are blurring into one another. Equally, valuations and employee attrition have become hot button topics. In such an environment, it is imperative to, sharply and distinctively, define the purpose of the organizational brand.

How does one create a brand that appeals to its customers, gears it for the next level of growth, helps attract top talent and get better valuations? Subu is here to answer such questions.

Krishnan Subramanian (Subu), Ex- Chief Strategy Officer at TBWA India, is a marketing, brand and communications strategist with over three decades of in shaping business perceptions. Subu will share his views on how AI-led organizations need to use new age branding and communication principles to get to their next level of growth.


Data Science leader plays a critical and strategic role with continuously improving the business’s data analysis model, creating industry-leading performance through leveraging of new and creative data-sources, and employing the latest in machine learning and ensemble algorithmic techniques. Data science leadership requires continuous & new skills for success and the roadway to becoming one is an arduous journey.

Nishant aka Nish earned his PhD in AI from Mississippi University and he will unravel his professional journey of becoming a top notch data science leader with ample anecdotes from his professional pathway – VISA, AIG, 24/7 …coupled with demystifying the existing data Science landscape, adoption, trends and forthcoming career opportunities. Nish will also share the secret sauce of data science leader code of success with a playbook approach.

The session will be moderated by Sameer Dhanrajani, President – 3AI . A must attend session for data science aspirants, enthusiasts and professionals !

AI adoption and use cases are not only restricted to self-driving cars or the robots that could save lives. Less talked about is the algorithmic power to personalize products & services to consumers. Consumer experience today is largely powered by data and algorithms. Personalization is a crucial weapon in the marketer’s arsenal to achieve that goal. That’s how businesses can deliver tailored recommendations, content, offers, and experiences, across all channels and devices, along the entire customer journey. In this session, Mathangi, seasoned data science leader(previously worked at PhonePe, Citi, 24/7) and 3AI thought leader & mentor will make us understand the history & landscape of personalization along with analyzing what goes into personalization algorithms and also discuss the algorithms & data sets briefly followed by the nuances of measurements of such systems. The session will also include the future-forward pathway to personalization.
In 1995, the first item ever was ordered online on Amazon – a book. 25 years later, Global B2C eCommerce sales amounted to nearly $4.53 trillion in 2020 and these figures expected to nearly double by 2023. If anything, we’re likely to see an even bigger increase in sales than predicted by these pre-COVID-19 estimates, as eCommerce sales have seen massive growth and transformation since early 2020. The pandemic has had an immediate impact on buyer behavior that has accelerated the digital & AI transformation for many businesses. COVID injected nearly $107 billion in eCommerce sales in the US alone, with a 169% increase in eCommerce purchases coming from new or previously infrequent users. Ecommerce has revolutionized retail. It has evolved to meet the changing needs, and to make online shopping easier for the modern day customer. Whether it’s hyper-customization, enhanced return policies, or improved integration, all of these changes have taken the world of ecommerce by storm. Dipayan, 3AI thought leader & mentor has witnessed this journey and he will share his anecdotes and will reflect on trends, landscape and future forward scenarios. The session will be moderated by Sameer Dhanrajani, President – 3AI.
Bringing together the power of design thinking and data to solve new-age problems and create next-gen solutions. The session will focus on bringing the significance of design thinking with analytics to connect increase adoption, innovate new products & services and transform businesses. Dynaesh Bodhe aka Dan, a design thinking expert & 3AI thought leader and mentor will present the exciting art of possible with design & data infusion punctuated with industry cases and application areas. A must attend session !

In the continuum of World Telecommunication Day – celebrated on May 17th, 3AI is pleased to announce Knowledge Insights Series session #50 with Sunil David.

Sunil David has 26 years of experience in the IT and Telecom industry and is currently the Regional Director ( IOT ) for AT&T India and thought leader & mentor at 3AI. He is responsible for building the IOT strategy for the India and the ASEAN regions, working on building a robust partner ecosystem for AT&T in the entire IOT value chain (Devices, Platforms and Applications ) and also working on marketing initiatives to help enhance the AT&T brand in the IOT space. With two decades of seasoned professional experience in telecom industry, Sunil will dwell and discuss about his journey and will reflect upon multiple themes on telecoms leveraging transformation for business acceleration, reinventing telecommunications companies for the digital future, harnessing artificial intelligence & IoT effectively, delivering value through technology transformations & realizing the real-world benefits of 5G and enhanced connectivity. The session will be moderated by Sameer Dhanrajani, President, 3AI.


Cryptocurrencies are fast emerging as a viable means to Digital Currency and everyone is rushing to understand the mechanics behind it. The creation of Bitcoin introduced the concept of trustless, digital scarcity. Before it, the cost of replicating something in the digital world was next to nothing. With the advent of blockchain technology, programmable digital scarcity has become possible – and it’s now being used to map the digital world to the real world.

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), also often referred to as crypto collectibles. Unlike cryptocurrencies, where all tokens are created equally, non-fungible tokens are each unique and limited in quantity. NFTs are one of the key building blocks of a new, blockchain-powered digital economy. Several projects are experimenting with NFTs for a variety of use cases, such as gaming, digital identity, licensing, certificates, and fine art. What’s more, they can even allow fractional ownership of high-value items.

In a first part of three series session, Kamlesh Parikarath, an expert in blockchain will demystify the meaning of cryptocurrencies & NFT and will simplify the nuances around the terminologies and jargons . A must attend session !

Data Science as a career has gone through a major metamorphosis over the last decade and has assumed a critical role in any enterprise & startups for generating business impact & outcomes. Evolution of new sources of data, ensemble algorithmic techniques, emergence of cloud & data engineering capabilities, ML enabled algorithms have pushed the envelope in the data science field. Whilst the opportunities for aspiring & existing data scientists across industries & business functions have grown multifold, the ensuing role expectations have gone up as well. Vijaya Ghosh, Vice President at Bridgei2i Analytics and 3AI Thought Leader & Mentor is a marquee data science leader with two decades of seasoned & pertinent experience. Vijaya will share her side of panoramic view of new set of roles & opportunities for data scientists along with resetting of capability & competencies development for data scientists. Further, she will also dwell upon the pertinent expectations that enterprises are looking at data scientists to deliver. A must attend session!

Data Scientist have come a long way in becoming a sought after and revered profession in the AI & Analytics fields. Over the last decade, Data Scientist role has gone through a transformation wherein new AI technologies & capabilities have created a new expectation & performance bar for aspiring & existing professionals. There’s a serious scarcity of Data Scientists globally and with emergence of data-driven enterprises & increased analytics adoption, Data Scientists will continue to be in high Demand.

Swati Jain, VP – Analytics at EXL is an accomplished and acclaimed data science leader with two decades of rich professional experience and she earned her doctorate in economics from IIT – Delhi. Swati will share her professional journey pathway in conjunction with demystifying the persona of NextGen data scientist, data science trends & developments along with how can organizations develop these highly prized talent and will also dwell upon the attributes and competencies that are required to be a NextGen data scientist replete with industry applications and data science use cases. A must attend session


Un-filtered & thought provoking conversation with Anshu Raja Sharma, MD – Retail banking technology, Standard Chartered Bank on topical scenarios & developments in banking & fintech dovetailed with demystifying the secret sauce of building, scaling & sustaining careers in banking, financial services & fintech segments.

Anshu is a seasoned & proven leader with successful stints with Goldman Sachs , Misys, AIG & others; she has seen the crest & troughs of technology cycles engulfing banks & financial services firms and have also guided & mentored several professionals. The session will reflect upon & traverse her professional journey as she will unravel new age opportunities around exponential technologies in banking & fintech segments in conjunction with the approaches to build competencies, skills & mindset for successful professional career. The session will be moderated by Sameer Dhanrajani, President – 3AI.


The workforce as we currently recognize is undergoing a massive and unprecedented change. The new era of Perpetual Transformation of jobs and roles and their impact due to automation and AI is reshaping existing workforce strategies .

Automation and AI is envisioning new skills and capabilities which will need to be developed. These drivers will require businesses to harness agile organisational design, with a highly adaptable and engaged workforce.

As these dynamics intertwine, People Analytics has become a critical tool for managing talent and potential throughout the entire life cycle along the career development and management journey.

Let’s hear more on this new empowerment driven by people analytics and how the new work/employment relationships and career lattices are shaping up.


Candid interaction & un-filtered conversation with Pankaj Rai, SVP Wells Fargo & Sameer Dhanrajani, President, 3AI on demystifying the secret sauce of building, scaling & sustaining careers in today’s time of uncertainty & complexity.

Whilst, Gen Z &X students have multiple program options for new age careers often, the course content and pedagogy do not prepare them for ready industry deployment. Further, emergence of New business models & exponential technologies – AI, Analytics, IoT, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, etc. have opened up new career vistas for technology and business graduates & post graduates however, students do not have defined view of associated career roles & requisite skills and competencies. Similarly, early stage professionals struggle to create their identity and find it challenging to cope up with defined role & performance expectations.

Pankaj & Sameer together have interacted, guided & mentored several students and early stage professionals and the session will dwell upon detailing the focus areas for students and early stage professionals to build, scale & sustain careers. The conversation will be replete with anecdotes, illustrations and success mantras. A must attend session !


The biggest reason is that the aspirants who wish to switch their career in this field do not have a complete understanding of the required skills. A big challenge that candidates come across after gaining required skills is gaining the trust of the employer and prove his/her understanding of the field and demonstrate the skills gained.

To demonstrate the required knowledge and skillsets, aspirants look for relevant assessment and certification programs. 3AI Catapult – Foundational AI and Analytics Assessment is one such and most credible assessment program, designed in collaboration with Analyttica Datalabs.

In this webinar, the 3AI Catapult Program will be discussed in detail. The following points will be covered during this webinar:-

  • Career in the field of AI and Analytics
  • Current situation and future scope
  • 3AI Catapult Program, powered by Leaps
  • The uniqueness of program
  • Benefits of Program
  • 3AI Catapult Exam Information
  • How to prepare for Catapult
  • Study resources to prepare for 3AI Catapult
  • Questions and Answers

It is clear that digital transformation is reinventing business practices. In today’s world, technological capabilities are constantly improving and in order to keep up, organizations must be agile and innovative as they integrate these digital technologies into their business practices. To stay competitive in any market, having a digital transformation strategy is a necessity.The transition from business as usual to digital first is no easy feat — digital world shifts rapidly and unpredictably. Keeping up can present a challenge and leave many unsure of how to proceed. This is where design thinking comes in.

In today’s world, adopting digital transformation for all business practices is a must, and design thinking methodology is an effective way to tackle the problems this transition presents.

In this webinar, Dnyanesh Bodhe, Leader: Co-creation Lab at WNS, will share:
1. His design journey
2. Concepts of design thinking
3. Insights on Design led Business Transformation


AI can access hundreds of sources simultaneously, extract the data needed for the desired task, and transform that data into insights. Using natural language processing (NLP), AI can understand human inputs—text and voice—and “listen” to outside sources (such as social media networks) as well as human conversations to identify opportunities and make recommendations. And it can leverage data to generate predictive analytics, which enables organizations to predict customer behaviour and to take a more proactive stance.

Ashish talks about how as part of digital transformation, customer journeys require more sophisticated segmentation and personalization using AI/ML. The topic is industry-agnostic and can be applied to a variety of industries.


The essence of practising medicine has been obtaining as much data about the patient’s health or disease as possible and making decisions based on that.

With the cultural transformation called digital health, disruptive technologies have started to make advanced methods available not only to medical professionals but also to their patients. These technologies such as genomics, biotechnology, wearable sensors, or artificial intelligence (AI) are gradually leading to three major directions. They have been (1) making patients the point-of-care; (2) created a vast amount of data that require advanced analytics; and (3) made the foundation of precision medicine.

In this shift and cultural transformation, AI is the key technology that can bring this opportunity to everyday practice.


Developments in AI & Analytics Analytics are opening up opportunities for retailers to gain a competitive edge – anticipate and quickly respond to shifts in buying behavior and demand, scale up and drive the business in a more efficient manner.

During this webinar, Bhaskar will discuss use case of AI/Analytics applications in retail industry.

Being a human, we always like to interact with a human. But the machine always provided convenience to us, and thus human interaction with the machine could not be avoided. Conversation AI is a transformative technology which will potentially redefine how human interacts with Machine. We will try to understand how this technology will become an integral part of our personal and corporate life.

Attend this webinar to Engage with Hasit Trivedi, a season AI and Analytics Leader, and learn on how conversational AI simplifies business operations, strengthen customer relationships and create new lines of revenue.
Natural Language Processing (NLP) is among the hottest topic in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that makes human language intelligible to machines. NLP combines the power of linguistics and computer science to study the rules and structure of language, and create intelligent systems. NLP tools can help businesses analyze data and discover insights, automate time-consuming processes, and help them gain a competitive advantage.

Let’s be The First Movers and try to understand “What is NLP and How it can make your Business Smarter”
1. What is NLP? “NLP = Computer Science + AI + Computational Linguistics”
2. NLP vs NLU vs NLG
3. NLP Tasks by Complexity
4. What Makes NLP so Hard
5. Essential Machine Learning (ML) Background for NLP
6. NLP Challenges And Approaches
7. NLP Applications in Business
Best in class customer experience with the help of AI Driven Operational excellence & intelligent process automation. How can one move from reactive customer services to proactive? Customer service for Sales, voice and non-voice processes. Evolution of chatbots, voice bots and end to end process automation.
Data is the heart of AI– without the right data, one can neither build nor implement an AI solution. Creating the right architecture to capture, store, process and use structured and unstructured data determines the success of the AI, ML and digital strategy of an organization. The current session aims to provide a broad view of approaches to building the right data engineering strategy for the organization, it will also illustrate the strategic design and technology choices that are involved and criteria for selecting the right technology. The session will be conducted by Bijoy Kumar Khandelwal COO Actify Data Labs and Hindol Basu CEO Actify Data Labs. The session will also provide an overview of data engineering technology landscape and help illustrate technologies like Kafka, Lambda Architecture, Hadoop, Hive, NoSQL, Graph DB, MapReduce etc.
The symbiotic nature of edge computing and artificial intelligence is particularly interesting because artificial intelligence requires the extremely fast processing of data, which edge computing enables; meanwhile AI enables the higher performance of compute resources and intelligence at the edge.Join us for this webinar where 3AI Thought Leader and Mentor, Bipin Pradeep will discuss edge computing (EC) and artificial intelligence (AI), and how this combination is enabling new use cases, and creating the next generation of data processing
As global economic growth for manufacturing slows, companies must leverage their data to build for future success. Yet, while there is significant value in the data Manufacturing companies produce, both structured and unstructured, too little of it is being analyzed. To turn this information into better, smarter, and faster decision making, manufacturers must be able to fully exploit the mountains of data they produce. Through AI and analytics, companies can increase operational productivity, gain a competitive advantage and develop new business opportunities. Attend this webinar with our Thought Leader Sanjeev Kumar, Senior Director–Data Analytics at Baker Hughes to know more about current trends, future outlook and career opportunities in AI and Analytics for the Manufacturing sector.
“Vijay will be exploring on Augmenting our Reality and how it could promise to close the gap and release untapped uniquely human capabilities. Key takeaways: What is XR? Why XR is important? Use Cases in the broad spectrum of roles in daily life Key Challenges and solutions”
Many industries are adopting blockchain to pave the way for the future due to its huge potential. Join Gokul Alex to see how blockchains work their way into so many industries, and its importance to find out all that we can go about in terms of working, challenges that it might solve for our business. 1. Real-world challenges that could be addressed by revolutionary applications of blockchain technology. 2. Applications and use cases of the Blockchain technology. 3. Design principles and data dynamics of decentralised AI and the key components of Blockchain Technology.
“The combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation promises an entirely new level of process and business efficiency. But truly integrated solutions are few. Join Automation Anywhere’s Arvind Thothadri to see what’s possible to revolutionize the intelligent automation space and how you can benefit from it. Attend this webinar to discover how AI and RPA: – The “new normal” and the role of automation- Industry use cases – Discover how organizations capitalize on the excitement around Automation and AI – Importance of Upskilling & Reskilling on the latest technologies creating an impact in the industry”
Manufacturing sector constituted for 16% GDP worldwide was heavily hit in COVID initially. As H2 starts, the industry is coming back to 75%+ production levels. In the webinar, Saurabh Agrawal will discuss and share about how analytics is and can help companies be resilient and efficient to manage the operations while Analytics continues to play a central role in the Industry 4.0 transformation. Key Takeaways: Industry 4.0 and Analytics use cases in Manufacturing. Impact of COVID and use cases which accelerated. Industrial IoT & Cloud Implication Managing the hype and expectations”
Recent times have seen the world move to a new normal and not just market players but even nations are trying to understand what it means and how to deal with this In this webinar, Kishore Kumar will discuss the innovative and creative approaches that are being implemented and why is it important for business leaders, practitioners and professionals to keep themselves updated of the same and also for aspiring candidates to help them keep relevant in the new normal. Key Takeaways: a. Understand the emerging trends in new normal now b. How to keep oneself updated and learn from others as well? c. What skills will prove to be most relevant in the times ahead of us?
Multiple reports & analysis have inferred that the biggest challenge for AI leaders is the majority of projects & engagements getting aborted or don’t see the light of the day“. In this webinar, Nitin Sareen, Consumer Analytics Lead at Wells Fargo, will share his insights and perspectives a practitioner who has driven the application of AI and analytics projects across domains. As Nitin recounts the examples of these projects, you would be able to get a cue on what are the necessary enablers and the challenges/pitfalls to expect. It doesn’t guarantee a solution but mentions what to take into account
CPG industry has been caught off guard amidst unprecedented digital transformation underway, changing consumer behavior, and rapid mix shifts in go to market channels. Important lessons are being learnt.In this webinar, Kapil attempts to decode the most important digital and advanced analytics interventions across the CPG value chain, and proposes the roadmap to become more agile, efficient and competitive. Key takeaways: 1. Understand the most important KPIs for CPG, and their drivers 2. Decode the data sources and how they are transforming, being key ingredient 3. Know how Digital & Advanced Analytics can drive transformation
for their organisations and customer engagement and how AI is playing a role?discuss the vast potential for AI in the insurance space, from theoretical insights to practical implementations. What insurers are doing in terms of using AI to create value in their organizations and to engage with customers better?
cover some of the use cases of AI in healthcare and talk about the strategy to successfully embed AI in a bionic workflow where humans and machine work in tandem to generate superior outcome and free up humans to focus on more value added activities. At the end of the webinar, you would be able to •Identify real AI use cases which can have a real impact on the quality of care •Understand key pillars of AI strategy for success implemented in healthcare ecosystem 18w
With the rise of #AI, comes the challenge of creating an organization that can exploit the potential of AI at scale. As per the government of India AI and machine learning can help India achieve the $5 trillion economy benchmark over the next five years. Post COVID 19 emergence, AI has taken a center stage. AI and machine learning companies are rising with new apps and software due to increase in internet capacity and the potential emergence of 5G. As per Gartner the AI Augmentation Will Create $2.9 Trillion of Business Value in 2021 globally. For this workforce needs to be future ready to operate in the AI environment. Also, the future jobs will be new and unpredictable due to AI. Understanding the future #skill requirement needs a joint effort of Industry and Academia. So, there is an urgent need to develop #courses that can impart #AIskills to both students and faculties so that the University education adapts to AI and our students are ready to take up future job roles.
Recently as we are witnessing a Cambrian explosion of AI, it is important to make AI fair and fail safe.A confluence of AI and Algorithmic Fairness along with cryptography and consensus algorithms of Blockchain Technology can help. In this session Gokul will take us through the design principles and data dynamics of decentralised AI and the key components of Blockchain Technology that makes it possible. He will also examine the progressing projects such as SingularityAI, Ocean Protocol, OpenCog framework etc.
Swati Jain on Predictive Customer Analytics where she will deep dive into how #analytics can help create engaging experiences throught the customer lifecycle to drive aquistion, engagement and retention. She will also discuss how leaders utilize customer level analytics to reveal key insights to improve Organisational KPI’s and customer outcomes. In this webinar, you will get to know • How to Use Analytics to Derive the Critical Insights Hidden in Your Customer Data? • How to Use Analytics to Measure and Improve Customer Engagement and Experience? • How to Use Analytics to Increase Customer Acquisitions as well as Anticipate and Reduce Churn?
Amar Saxena for a deeper understanding on how to use predictive customer lifetime value to gather data, get more sales, and increase customer retention through an overview of the data and analytic models required to set up a CLV framework. Also get a glimpse into the future, getting to know how Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will team up with predictive customer lifetime value analytics to get results.
E-commerce and retail companies are leveraging the power of data and boosting sales by implementing #recommender systems on their websites. The use cases of these systems have been steadily increasing within the last years and it’s a great time to dive deeper into this amazing machine learning technique. In this webinar, 3AI Thought Leader, Sarabjot Singh, will provide a practical overview of recommender systems. First, three major systems are reviewed: content-based, collaborative filtering, and hybrid, followed by discussions on cold start, scalability, interpretability, and exploitation/exploration. Key Takeaways 1. Describe the purpose of recommendation systems. 2. Understand the components of a recommendation system including candidate generation, scoring, and re-ranking. 3. Develop a deeper technical understanding of common techniques used in candidate generation.
Conversational AI enables human language based interactions with Intelligent Things. It brings the technology much closer to humans by eliminating the need of special skill quotient to interact with machines/systems. Conversational AI has evolved from a rigid rule based Q&A assistant with siloed knowledge to a sophisticated & skilled agent that can indulge in fluid conversations. The application opportunities for Conversation AI has widened beyond imagination from just chatbots to AnyThing and the application possibilities in future are boundless. Key Takeaways: – Understand Conversational AI and its evolution – Look at Chatbots and beyond – Explain Conversational AI framework – Identify Pitfalls & Challenges – Imagine Conversational AI in Future
Innovation is the cornerstone of highly successful companies, especially those that continue to be successful in the long term. For fueling much of this continual innovation Design Thinking practices are being adopted by organizations and governments around the world – working as the critical link from inspiration to delivery, concept to the showroom, and start-up to global business. Attending this webinar will let participants get familiar with the basics of the design thinking approach and a look at how and why it’s so effective. Key Takeaways: • Describe the essential ingredients of the design thinking process • Identify key terms and stages in the process • Understand the benefits of using design thinking for innovation • Explain the underlying principles that enable a design thinking mindset • Identify opportunities for applying design thinking
Immersive health technologies are revolutionizing the delivery of frontline healthcare, therapeutic techniques, and research. These offer great potential to improve the training of healthcare professionals through reality-simulation training. These also enable drastic reduction of human errors in diagnosis and help imparting correct treatment for the patient. Key Takeaways : 1. Introduction to Immersive technologies(ar,vr,mr&xr) 2. Why it is the next computing Platform 3. How AI is being used along with XR in Healthcare? 4. Possible Applications in Healthcare – Training 5. What’s the sudden interest of VR in Healthcare VR & Neuroplasticity 6. Future for Immersive Technologies in Health care Industry
Current Pandemic has forced business and workers to swap their work places for kitchens and living rooms. The speed at which we have embraced the technology for this change has been unprecedented. The shift has yet again demonstrated the increasing need for AI and Analytics skills, across almost every industry and sector In this webinar, Sowjanya Shetty will discuss use cases for a closer look at why AI and Analytics skills and the need to upskill – especially now – are more important than ever.
Data analytics plays a major role in all industries today. With the #Covid19 pandemic at large, AI and Analytics is extremely relevant. As a professional, if you envision a high impact career in analytics, 3AI brings the next 3AI Webinar Series #12 to demonstrate how AI and analytics can help combat pandemic situations.
Artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved and improved methods for data analysis and complex computations – solving problems that seemed well beyond our reach only a few years ago. Today, deep learning is transforming every industry, from healthcare and retail to automotive and financial services. In this webinar, Sundara will deep dive into concepts of deep learning along with multiple application scenarios, followed by brief Q&A with participants. Understand the use cases of implementing artificial intelligence such as image processing, natural language processing, speech recognition, deep face – facial recognition system, etc. About Speaker 1. Sundara is the Head of Deep Learning practice at NVIDIA India. 2. He has a strong technical background and his areas of interest include Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics, IoT and Automotive Solutions. 3. He has more than twenty years of experience in solutions involving Visual Computing, Virtualization and High Performance Computing.
Key Takeaways – From a walk-through perspective, it helped understand : 1. How do Organisations move beyond RPA extending to complimentary technologies to deliver end to end services in intelligent automation . 2. How can organisations co-create an intelligent automation strategy which augments business processes with AI 3. Key phases of an organisations automation journey 4. Key features of a robust intelligent automation platform . 5. The extensive applicability/ use cases of IA across industries
Adopting Artificial Intelligence remains one of the biggest challenge among government entities. The session would talk about the barriers leading to the adoption of analytics and the recommendations that may be adapted by vendors or consulting firms to increase AI/analytics adoption. Also the session would also provide example of some artificial intelligence use-cases that are been used to improve efficiency in the public sector.
In this Webinar the speaker would be talking about the applications of AI in 1. Fraud Detection & Anti Money Laundering 2. Risk Analytics 3. Regulatory Frameworks (BCBS-239, Stress Testing) 4. Customer Authentication & Verification 5. Banking on AI: Post COVID-19
Digital Marketing has, in the past decade transformed how businesses develop. It has changed everything about the way the companies and market think & act. Also, It has revolutionized the reach of small businesses while demanding more from already established business. This Webinar will give you insights to the various components of digital Marketing , How is it helping industries for brand visibility and Lead Generation and also how to exploit it in the current scenario.
Entertainment choices have continuously evolved over the ages; the Entertainment and Media (E&M) industry has continues to increase investments and encourage creativity in a n attempt to garner attention from individuals and groups. In this webinar, we will discuss how Technological Advancements have enabled the creation of high quality of entertainments, improved performance and increased immersive experience – its all about “”How Media and Entertainment Industry is being disrupted by AI & Emerging Technologies
Rising healthcare costs, evolving consumer expectations, new market entrants and a changing legislative landscape are forcing payers to turn to emerging technologies and AI to reinvent themselves. The COVID- 19 outbreak will also force disruption in traditional ways of business and value chain, leading to consolidation of AI based solutions and adoption of digital solutions as the key driver of payer business. Health Tech startups are leading the front in disruption but the traditional behemoths (driven by strategic M&A) are not far behind
(a) Why the life sciences industry is in the need of scientific transformation and innovation, more than ever? (b) What is driving this disruption of the life sciences industry which is exp eriencing unmatched changes due to emerging technologies ? (c) Use cases of AI & Analytics Applications in Pharma industry
Key Takeaways: i. Understanding of the importance of Cyber Security in every aspect of our lives ii. Impact of Cyber Attacks in Governments, Corporate and even our homes iii. Brief introduction to Threat Intelligence & Darkweb – Major types of Threats, Threat Types, Threat Actors and Threat Groups, and how they attack vi. Introduction to Key Cyber Security areas & domains v. Key career opportunities in Cyber Security & Cyber Defense
Analytics industry has gone through several evolutionary stages, so are the associated career opportunities and roles. In the AI era, career opportunities are defined and executed differently. Explore and experience the new landscape of AI and Analytics career opportunities.

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